Our Story


For years, clients at our founders’ dental clinics complained that they were
suffering from increased tooth sensitivity and poor results from conventional
over-the-counter whitening products like dental strips. So, after years of research
and development, Luster Premium White® was born. Clinically PROVEN solution
that’s GENTLESAFE, and EASY.


Luster Pro Light Dental Whitening System™ was the first true at-home whitening
system incorporating the power of peroxide with our patented dual-energy
Xenon Light, which accelerates results through light and heat
(up to 3x faster than others that use LED lights).

Luster Power White Pro Sonic Dental Whitening System™
 employs proven
deep whitening of 2% stabilized peroxide with the power of our Sonic Brush
with 30,000 vibrations per minute.


Luster Power White Pro Deep Stain Remover is gently formulated to minimize
tooth sensitivity while employing the powerful whitening benefits of 2% stabilized peroxide.

Luster NOW!
 toothpaste Is formulated with Bluverite® technology for instantly
whiter smile by offsetting yellow colors on the surface of teeth.

Luster AM/PM™
 includes both toothpastes for morning and evening maintenance.
All our toothpastes help strengthen enamel and fight cavities with fluoride.