Our Story


For years, dentists at our founders’ dental clinics had been asked for recommendations for safe and effective at-home care teeth whitening and maintenance products. Their clients complained that they were suffering from increased tooth sensitivity whenever they chose to apply conventional strips or over-the-counter whitening products.

Frustrated with the 20-year lack of innovation in the teeth whitening industry, our founders knew there had to be a better approach. So in 2007, after years of research and development, Luster Premium White® was born.


Luster Premium White® was the first brand to develop a true at-home whitening system (Luster Pro Light) available in retail stores that was formulated with gentle ingredients, while incorporating the power of peroxide, which remains the gold standard in teeth whitening today. Luster Pro Light Dental Whitening System is unique among teeth whitening brands in that it uses a patented dual-energy light source to accelerate results through light and heat. Other brands use simple blue LED lights which only produce light. Most recently, Luster launched Luster Power White Pro Sonic Dental Whitening Systemthat employs the power of a Sonic brush for powerful surface stain removal, combined with the deep whitening power of its 2% stabilized peroxide-based toothpaste and Stain-Lifting serum.    


Luster Premium White® also has some of the most innovative whitening toothpaste’s available today. Luster Power White Pro Deep Stain Remover is gently formulated to minimize tooth sensitivity while employing the powerful whitening benefits of 2% stabilized peroxide. For an instantly whiter smile, Luster NOW! is formulated with Blueverite® technology which offsets the color yellow on the teeth surface and reduces surface stains with prolonged use.  Luster AM/PM delivers the benefits of both Instant Whitening and Deep Stain Removal to address the different needs all people face in the morning and at night. All Luster Premium White toothpastes help strengthen enamel and fight cavities with fluoride.